About Me

I’ve been working at the crossroads of media, technology and the arts for over 15 years. I create, write and think about technology for a living. I’m an editor at 2Machines, formerly known as Mobiledia, where I write news, features and analysis on technology. I’m also a web designer/developer, blogger, and recovering filmmaker.

I came to tech accidentally. Like many, I began building websites as a hobby. I quickly fell in love with digital publishing’s immediacy. I also found empowerment and a new creative outlet by learning to design and program my own sites. I began taking design, development and webmastering jobs in 2000 — and have been working on the Web since. If the Web is the medium through which we get our entertainment and work done, then I hope to make work that contributes elegance, ease and beauty.

The world of Web development changes rapidly, which I love — there is always something new to learn, whether it’s a new methodology, programming language, piece of software or strategy.

Then I began to write on a freelance basis on technology. I’d always written about arts, media, culture and fashion, but adding technology to my repertoire gives me a larger perspective — both historical and cultural. Not only do I under the nuts and bolts of how technology works, but I also understand how it changes our relationships to each other, ourselves, our ideas and how we communicate. I know what’s happening now, as well as what’s coming down the pike.

And being a professional writer/editor, I am also adept at explaining technology to a lay audience. Most tech folks get so caught up in the minutiae, the special lingo — I can explain technical matters in plain, simple language, and boil down what’s relevant and important to you…so you can make decisions on what works best for you.

I’m currently based outside of Chicago, but I love to work remotely.

When I’m not working, I love to write fiction, blog on fashion, ride horses, enjoy craft beers and farm-to-table restaurants and go bowling.