With a unique blend of design and development experience, technology journalism and creative ability — and nearly 15 years of experience — I have a distinct point of view of today’s media and technology landscape. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t — and I’m happy to share my expertise.

I specialize particularly in helping individuals and small groups in figuring out the best strategy to get online and reach their audience, navigating an almost bewildering array of platforms, social networks and technology. My operating principle is you don’t need to do everything — you just need to do the right thing.

Here are some areas I’ve offered consulting in:

Content Strategy

Content is just more than having a blog and hoping it gets listed on search engines. Smart strategy calls for knowing what your audience wants and where they go to get it — and then designing your content to engage them. Different channels require different tactics — and I can help figure out which ones will work for you and your goals.

Project Management

When you make an Internet presence, you don’t just hit “Publish” and hope for the best. Getting a site and its adjacent networks up and running is a complicated process. I can help you figure out your priorities, map out a timeline and keep it all on track.

Platform and CMS Migration and Customization

Got an old 100+ page website that you need to make modern and relevant for today? I can help guide and shepherd you through the process of a website makeover, from figuring out what to keep, what to trash…and the tricky technical stuff in between.

Social Media/Audience Engagement

Social media is a powerful tool to reach your audience. But with all your options, it’s also a potential headache. Need help figuring out what works best for you and your goals? I can lay out a strategy, set you up and make it easy for you to keep up.

Digital Branding

A brand isn’t just a logo — it’s an experience and emotional connection between you and your audience. I love to figure out what your “brand story” is and how to communicate that through your social media, your website and more, down to the very smallest details.


So you’ve got your website up, your social media accounts firing on all cylinders…and you need a plan and the best tools and practices on how to keep it all going. I can help figure that out.

A list of services and rates is coming soon.