Web Design

My web design and development work does not feature a particular aesthetic — my aim has always been to please the clients and communicate their values and taste. My projects, no matter what the scope or specifics, always begins with a thoughtful consultation on what the site aims to do and who it should reach.

I emphasize elegance, simplicity and practicality, and believe the key to a good site begins with discernment. In an Internet increasingly cluttered with distraction, I believe in websites that are serene and beautiful to look at and remain easy to use.

Here are some selected websites that I’ve designed or developed. Most of these were developed on WordPress with a few on Movable Type.

Seftel Productions

Customized WordPress theme from design, documentation


102 Degrees Music Management

Design, CMS set-up/customization, training/documentation

Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race, Columbia University

Redesign, migration, training/documentation

The Heavy Pets

Design, CMS set-up/documentation, migration, training/documentation


Design, CMS set-up/documentation, migration

My own personal artist’s site

Design, CMS set-up/documentation, multimedia, content

Other Design Projects

RADICAL ACT, music documentary

Graphic design for DVD packaging, Photoshop/Illustrator